Video tutorial

Video Tutorial on PURE Grip’s Tapeless Golf Grips Installation

Here at PURE Grips headquarters, we've been getting a lot of requests for a detailed look at our Tapeless Installation Process. We've put together an instructional video to walk you guys through the process step by step. The short video starring our founder, Wes Brasher, should be very helpful whether you’re installing grips with or without tape. We've also added the ten steps written out below. Let us know if you have any feedback!

1. Attach Installation Tool to Air Compressor:

We recommend a compressor with at least 60 PSI (max 120). We also recommend picking up some quick connecting attachments.

2. Secure Club in Vice:
We recommend using a club vice, or regular vice with club sleeve to avoid damaging your shafts.

3. Remove Old Grip:
We recommend cutting off old grips with a hook blade, but be careful not to damage yourself or the shaft.

4. Remove, Replace Old Tape (Optional):
There are three options here, choose depending upon your preference, and the desired size of your installed grip. First, you can peel all tape off an apply grip directly on the shaft. Second, if the old tape is still intact and smooth, you can leave it in place or add more tape over it. Lastly, you can peel and replace the tape. We recommend using blue painter’s tape.

5. Start Grip On To Club With Fingers:
Stretch the grip’s end with your fingers, place one side onto the shaft and stretch the opening around the end of the shaft, placing about ½” of the grip onto the shaft.

6. Attach Installation Tool to Butt End of Grip:
Place the needle opening of the Installation Tool into the hole on the end of the grip. Raise the tool so that the grip is level and straight with the shaft, without pulling it off the butt end of the club.

7. Begin Applying Bursts of Air:
Squeeze the trigger and begin applying air in short, 1-2 second bursts. It is best NOT to hold the air on continuously until you have the grip almost completely installed. Beware, when you first apply the air, the grip will want to blow off the shaft, so maintain a little forward pressure with the tool. It is important to only guide with your free hand, do not squeeze or push too hard.

8. Push With Tool Not Guide Hand:
Once you begin to apply air, push with the tool and guide with your free hand. It is easy to want to squeeze the grip with your free hand and push the grip on, do not do this. This will cut off the airflow between the grip and the shaft and will prevent the grip from going onto the club. Push with the tool, gently guide with the free hand.

9. Seat Butt of Grip to End Of Club:
Once the grip is within 2-3 inches of being in place, it is important to give one firm final push with the air tool to assure the butt of the shaft seats fully onto the end of the grip.

10. Apply Air and Align and Stretch the Grip:
Apply the air, and maintain a little forward pressure to make sure the grip does not pull back from the end of the shaft. While you are doing this you can use the tool to align the butt end and use your free hand to align, untwist and stretch the tip end of the grip to your desired length.